My 2020 Annual Review

Hardeep Nagra
Hardeep Nagra
My 2020 Annual Review

This is the first time I'm carrying out an Annual Review. This is as raw as it gets.

This is the first time I'm carrying out an Annual Review. To be honest, I didn't know where to start, but Ali Abdaal sent a template in his weekly newsletter which I've used to complete my review.

This is as raw as it gets (caveat - I've omitted a few items from this review that are personal to me):

Annual Review

  • When have you felt proud of yourself in 2020? What were you doing?
I created and released a skillshare class and a YouTube video
  • If you had to teach one thing you learnt this year (that would improve one’s quality of life) what would that be?
If you’re having sleep issues try to take a break from drinking. My Apple Watch shows that even one drink will reduce the amount of deep sleep I get.
  • What kept you up at night with excitement this year? Was it worth it? Would you want to do more of it?
Sadly, there hasn’t been anything like this year. If I had to think hard for something remotely similar, it is Nav’s birthday where I decorated the room and table incredibly if I say so myself. And she loved it.
  • How did you have fun differently in 2020?
Recording the boys playing and getting up to no good made for entertaining moments.
  • How did you suffer differently in 2020?
Lost my uncle, sister, grandad, and my uncle this year. We've had deaths in the family before, but all four of these individuals were important to me. To lose them all within the space of 9 months has been incredibly tough.
  • What people/kind of people did you spend less time with in 2020?
All kinds of people. But in particular, work lot. I hadn’t seen them since March when the first lockdown came in, up to mid December in Coombe abbey park.
  • What people/kind of people did you spend more time with in 2020?
My immediate family. Being in lockdown means I got to see Nav, Arjan and Jovan every day. I’ve seen the boys grow up. Wouldn’t have had it otherwise.
  • What have you learnt about the way that you deal with uncertainty in 2020?
That I have a process in place, starting with not worrying about things that are outside my control. And it’s a method that works for me personally.
  • Did you feel you spent enough time with your family/significant other in 2020? How would you change this in 2021?
Yes because of lockdown
  • What new thing did you spend a lot of money on in 2020?
I spent a lot of money on a number of things - but things for my WFH office and desk set up cost a lot. I bought apple AirPods pros after a lengthy trial and error period.
  • What new thing did you spend a lot of time on in 2020?
I spent a long time getting my productivity set up in gear. From testing various apps and settling on Things 3, to setting up Notion properly. It’s been great because I feel like I’ve got a lot done as a result.
  • What do you feel you’ve gotten a lot better at in 2020?
Getting things done.
  • What did you rediscover pleasure in 2020?
Video editing
  • When you felt at peace this year, what were you doing?
Enjoying the summer in the garden. Being able to put down a blanket and lie in the sun in the garden was something we don't do often.
  • Which of last years goals did you not achieve? Why did you not achieve them? Will you carry them on to 2021 and if not why?
I lost focus with my blog writing but mainly because I focused my attention on YouTube and Skillshare.
  • At the end of next year, if you are drastically exceeding your expectations, what would you be doing?
I’d be killing YouTube, have 50,000 subscribers, and be earning a second income through it and associated activity (such as affiliate programmes, Skillshare.)

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