MAIDESITE S2 Pro Height Adjustable Desk Review

Hardeep Nagra
Hardeep Nagra
MAIDESITE S2 Pro Height Adjustable Desk Review

I review the S2 Pro height adjustable desk from Maidesite. Quite possibly the best standing desk for the price.

In this post, I review the S2 Pro height adjustable desk from Maidesite. Quite possibly the best standing desk for the price.

Happy new year friends. You’ll have heard the saying “New year, new start”. I often review different areas of my life to see if there’s anything I can do to make things more efficient and reduce waste. One of those things is my office setup, which in all honestly, I feel like I’m constantly tweaking.

I’ve recently got myself a new job (WOO!) which will be fully remote. It’s therefore important I get my desk setup right, so I can be comfortable working from home permanently.

The biggest change I’ve made is switching to a standing desk from a company called Maidesite. They’re a global company that creates high quality standing desks built for both comfort and efficiency.

They were kind enough to send me their S2 Pro desk which is a dual motor standing desk and I have to say, I don’t think I could ever go back to a non-standing desk. I’ve been using it for a little less than two weeks now, and I love that I can work while standing up. It alleviates strain on my arms and back, and I now spend most of the time at my desk in a standing position.

Here is my review of the desk. NB. While Maidesite provided me with this desk, the thoughts and opinions I share in this review are completely mine.


The first thing I noticed was how heavy the parts were. And that’s a good thing. The box it came in weighed in at around 40 kg, so I recommend you don’t try moving it without the help of another person. As my home office is upstairs, I decided it was best to open the box downstairs before carrying individual parts upstairs one by one.

Once I had all the parts upstairs, it only took me about 20 minutes to setup. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, as I made a mistake in how I attached one of the parts and had to go back a few steps, which took extra time. The instructions are easy enough to understand, but Maidesite also have several tutorial videos on their YouTube channel if you prefer visuals.


Maidesite sent me the walnut desktop with black legs, which matches the overall look I tend to prefer. The desktop itself feels smooth to the touch and I like that you can feel the grain in the wood. I also like that it has a slight sheen and rounded edges.

As for size, the desktop measures in at 140x70cm. I miss the width of my old IKEA Barkaboda because it allowed me to fit more things on my desk. On the other hand, I appreciate the extra depth of the S2 Pro, as it means my monitor isn’t too close to me.

The legs and dual motor

The legs are heavy and solid, and the metal feels premium. It can hold up to 100 kg in weight, which is more than I’d ever need. And it’s sturdy. There’s very little wobble when the motor is in use, although it will wobble at its highest setting, but I found this to be typical of all standing desks.

The dual motor is impressive. It’s both quick and quiet. The desk can adjust height from 72 cm to 120 cm. Another cool thing about this desk is that it has a built-in anti-collision feature, which reverses the direction of travel if it meets resistance. Helpful for those that have pets or kids around.

Remote control

I can control the height of the desk with an LED remote I’ve attached to the desk. I can program 4 presets, which is helpful as I often share my desk with my wife.

The buttons are slightly raised, making it easier to know I’m actually touching the correct button. I’ve had the flat LED controls in the past, and while they look sleek, I frequently found myself having to focus on where I was placing my finger. It sounds minor but makes a difference in real use.

I also appreciate that there isn’t any obnoxious branding on the control, as there are with most other desk brands.

Cable management

Maidesite provide a metal cover to hide the dual motor and various cables. There is also a hole on the right-hand side of the desktop that I can run my monitor and laptop wires through. It just tidies the overall look.

Final thoughts

Overall, I’m really impressed with the desk. I’d prefer a wider desktop personally, but the quality of the desk is good. The dual motor legs are strong, quick, and quiet. It has made a considerable improvement to how I work at home, and I can already feel reduced strain in my shoulders and back.

If you want to see the desk in action, then please watch my YouTube video. And if you’re thinking of buying a standing desk, then I highly recommend you check out Maidesite. They ship internationally, and I’m offering my friends in the UK and US a chance to secure a discount. Make sure to use the right link and discount code below:



  1. HDHN10 (£10 off for all products)
  2. HDHN (£20 off Maidesite S2 pro height adjustable desk 140x70cm, 3 variants)



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I hope you liked this review. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment on my YouTube video. You get to see the rest of my office setup as well as the Maidesite desk in action.

See you next time.

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