iPhone 13 Pro - First Impressions

Hardeep Nagra
Hardeep Nagra
iPhone 13 Pro - First Impressions

Here are my first initial impressions of the iPhone 13 Pro in Blue. It's a premium phone with a solid build and incredible screen.

Yes, I know I’m late to the party on this. But I had no intention to upgrade my phone this year, but ended up with the new iPhone 13 Pro!

I signed up to Apple’s upgrade programme a few years back, which lets me basically upgrade my phone each year. But it’s not cheap. Especially if you go for the pro variants of the iPhone like I typically do.

Last year, I decided to go for the regular iPhone 12. And I loved it. It was lighter and did everything I needed it to. So, I figured I wouldn’t upgrade this year, and I’d try to save money instead.

But I signed up for an upgrade and the plan was to swap it with my wife’s iPhone 11 so she could get an upgrade this year instead of me. But when I picked it up, she didn’t want it and was happy to keep her 11.

So, here I am with the iPhone 13 Pro in blue.

First impressions?

It’s heavy and solid. It feels premium compared to my iPhone 12. It shines. The buttons just feel more solid when using them. The metal is cold to the touch. I’ve slapped a case on it now, but it’s annoying me because it ruins it. I paid so much for a premium phone, I want to enjoy seeing it and using it every day!

The second thing I noticed is the screen. The 120Hz screen really is obvious when you actually use the phone. I’m surprised at just how good it is actually. Day to day you probably won’t notice it, but as soon as I picked up my wife’s iPhone 11 I was shocked at how laggy it felt. I’m already spoilt by the iPhone 13 pro’s 120Hz screen, and I don’t think I could go back now.

I haven’t had a chance to play with it much more than that. The camera is something I’ll test out during the Christmas period. I’m excited to try out the cinema video mode.

These phones are so good today that I don’t think there’s a need to upgrade annually. I just do it because I love Apple devices and I love having the latest and greatest. But I’m trying to reduce unnecessary spending as part of my minimalism phase, so here’s to keeping this phone for the next few years!


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